Snorkeling life vest, mask, snorkel and fins in different sizes and in perfect conditions.

Professional grade equipment will be provided to you so you can enjoy this aquatic activity completely safe.

Life Vest

Our life vests are intended for snorkeling since they allow you to free dive so you can enjoy closely the marine life. Also, in the event that you get tired, these life vests can be inflated for you to float. The vests have two straps, one that go between your legs and another around your waist, to prevent it from moving around. Plus, a safety valve that allows you to inflate the vest easily.

Snorkel Adventure's Life Vest

Snorkel Adventure's Snorkel


Yes, that’s the name of the J shaped device or tube that allow you to breathe while your head is underwater. We will provide you with the one that better suits you and makes you feel more comfortable. Don’t worry if this is your first time, we will teach you how to use the snorkel propperly on our short but useful briefing before going out.


Our boats are suited for taking you and the rest of your group safely and comfortably seated to every snorkeling stop on the tour.

Snorkel Adventure's Boat

Snorkel Adventure's Mask


We have different snorkeling mask types for you to choose from. We have full face masks, for those who have a hard time breathing through the mouth, as well as standar styled masks for adults, for small faces and for children. If you wear glasses, we have prescription crystal masks available so you don't miss any detail while snorkeling.

Lasting Neoprene

We use 2 types of towline, the type will depend on a few factors. The type of parasail operation, the vessel type, the local conditions and the captain or operator preference.
The towline is available in 3/8 ths and 7/16 ths, 3/8 ths has a breaking strain of 4800 lbs and 7/16 ths has a breaking strain of 6500 lbs.

Snorkel Adventure's Neoprene Suit

Snorkel Adventure's Regular Life Vest

Regular Life Vest

Our priority is your safety, and we want you to enjoy this tour fully. For that reason, we also have regular life vests available that will keep you floating at every moment, so you will feel safe and comfortable all the way.

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